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2011-10-24 15:47:12 by subject1337



pic of the day

2011-07-15 17:06:16 by subject1337

how to kill a walrus

pic of the day

i am pee pee

2011-06-17 14:35:51 by subject1337

i am peepee

life is unfair

2011-05-12 11:53:41 by subject1337

so many things in life, so little money.


2011-04-16 17:06:17 by subject1337

yes Edd Gould of Edds World has been dianosed with lukemia :( but we all know hes gonna kick cancer in the nuts! hope you get better Edd!!

2011-04-09 19:21:15 by subject1337

YouriX rules! visit !

removal of my teeth

2011-03-28 11:37:21 by subject1337

today im getting four of my adult teeth removed then braces. im really scared right now so if anyone can help me keep calm, that would be great. btw i have tonsolitus and strep throat. will that stop me from going?


2011-02-21 00:50:28 by subject1337

I cant review. i do a shit job at it. dont i suck dick when making reviews?

son of a bitch

2011-01-13 11:45:19 by subject1337

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ENTERTAIMENT!!!??? Justin Bieber? Jonas Brothers? Miley Cirus? Someday theyre all gonna get raped. look up top 50 women on the internet and click first link then look at no. 7

the best food ever?

2011-01-04 22:21:06 by subject1337